Instrumentation and Flow Meter Repair Services

ABB engineer

Our services include general Instrumentation repairs, servicing as well as flow meter calibrations, system installations and commissioning.

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Flow Meter Calibration

We have access to water based calibration rigs that have the ability to test and calibrate volumetric and mass flow meters with flows from just a few litres per hour right through to 60 litres per second using pipe sections up to 8" (200mm).


Instrumentation and Flow Meter Repair

ETI engineer

Along with our service partners we offer excellent flow meter and instrument repair facilities which are complimented by years of practical knowledge and experience with practically all types and makes of Flow Meters.


Installation Commissioning

We will wherever possible pre-commission instruments before delivery thus considerably saving on site costs to the client.

Solway Instruments have a number of specialist installation partners with the knowledge and experience to make sure that flow, level, pressure and temperature instrumentation are correctly installed in accordance with the manufacturer's guidelines so that optimum performance and reliability is attained.