Flow Measurement



Electromagentic Flow Measurement


FXL5000 (Miniflow) is the electromagnetic flowmeter alternative to other metering methods in the size range from 3/8" to 2"/DN 10 to 50. Due to its low cost it is no longer necessary to deny oneself of the benefits of an electromagnetic flowmeter.

  • Broad range of applications
  • Easy to install
  • Simple to operate

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Electromagnetic flowmeter:

  • Self-calibrating transmitter and ultra-low temperature coefficient for highest accuracy
  • Designed for use in all water and waste water applications, from sewage plants to distribution networks
  • Revolutionary data storage enables transmitter interchange and commissioning without the need for reconfiguration
  • Aupports simultaneous and parallel operation of HART, remote HMI, cyclic data output and parameter dump

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Getting the best levels of efficiency and performance from your production process requires reliable, accurate instrumentation. HygienicMaster delivers the power to solve your most demanding hygienic applications enabling previously unattainable operational and financial benefits.

HygienicMaster is designed specifically for the
food & beverage, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

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Coriolis Flow Measurement


Coriolis mass flow measurement, made in ABB.

The flexible and extremely precise Coriolis mass flowmeter meets your requirements for various industries and applications with the most diverse measuring ranges – from the smallest water drop to filling ocean going tankers. Take advantage of the versatile CoriolisMaster for reliable measurement of mass and volume flow, density, concentration and temperature.

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Vortex Flow Measurement

Vortex Flowmeter FV4000 & Swirl Flowmeter FS4000

When a flowing fluid meets an obstruction, pressure variations are created in the fluid, which cause eddies to shed at the obstruction. This phenomenon is utilized in the Vortex and Swirl flowmeters. The eddies are formed in the fluid at a geometrically defined obstruction (Vortex and Swirl bodies) whose frequency is measured by a sensor.

The flowrate of liquids, gases and steam is determined precisely and reliably from this frequency measurement.

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Temperature Flow Measurement

Sensyflow FMT500-IG

Sensyflow FMT500-IG is a thermal flowmeter for gases. The meas- uring principle (hot-film anemometer) allows the direct determination of mass flow and gas temperature. Taking the standard density of the gases into consideration, the standard volume flow rate can be displayed without additional pressure and temperature compensation.

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